August 30, 2012

In a comment to the previous post, Rich talks about bozos.  I’ll have to think about the bozo phenomenon a little bit, but it seems eminently mathematizable.  In particular it seems the concepts of homophily and preferential attachment might come into play.

On a totally separate note, I went to a talk today in Yorktown that mentioned the H_2^* distribution, which is a mixture of a delta function at zero and an exponential distribution.  I didn’t know that there was a name for this distribution, but as noted by Whitt in a paper on queuing theory:

Because the special service-time distribution is an extremal distribution among the class of hyperexponential  (H_2, mixtures of two exponentials) distributions, we denote this class by H_2^*.

I’ve seen this distribution before as the capacity-achieving input distribution for an additive exponential noise channel.  In a paper with Mitya and Jesper, this distributions is also the predicted distribution of synaptic volumes in the mammalian brain.  I’ve been thinking about both of these facts recently, so watch out for that.

And of course, I’ll soon be moving to Yorktown, so watch out for a bozo like me cruising the hall.


  1. “Not to be confused with Homophile.”

    I’ve observed this phenomenon as well in how people I’ve known or worked with tend to cluster in teams or companies again and again. I have always been one to resist this “attraction” but there are certainly advantages (personal gain) to be derived from it.

  2. […] let me say that I’m happy to have you (certainly not a bozo) walking the halls of the Yorktown building, even though that walking isn’t purportedly […]

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