go, go, no go

August 14, 2012

I am back from India, which is now renewing its tryst with destiny for the 66th time after coming off perhaps its best Olympics ever.  As you alluded to, I did go to the Dravid and the Himachal.  In Bangalore, I had the good fortune to visit the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Centre for Applicable Mathematics, the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, the Indian Institute of Science, the IBM India Research Laboratory, and LimberLink Technologies, as well as meet up with Krishna Jagannathan from IIT-Madras and Manoj Gopalkrishnan from TIFR’s campus in Mumbai.  So pretty busy overall, not even counting the tourism within Bangalore, and to Mysore and Srirangapatna.  After a quick stop in Delhi (and a meeting with Aspiring Minds), we were off to Amarnath, which was simply breathtaking in its natural beauty, and also in its spirituality.  The end of my trip was in the familiar comforts of Aligarh, though not long enough.

Although everyone is big on virtual interaction these days, there is nothing that can replace going in person.  I’m sure there are all kinds of studies on this point, including the informational aspects, but let me not worry about linkage. 

What you brought up about incentives, motivation, and whether to use outcomes-based or behavior-based methods is quite interesting.  It seems there may be some interesting connections between that line of thinking and the kinds of results that were presented by my former intern Gireeja Ranade at HCOMP 2012 in July, in a paper  To Crowdsource or not to Crowdsource? that she also recently blogged about.  Speaking of crowdsourcing, while I was away, Wes Gifford was kind enough to present a paper for me on privacy and reliability in crowdsourcing at the SRII Global Conference.  It was really too bad that I could not go.

Your other post about pinterest and all was also quite interesting.  You really should do something along the lines you suggested.  Seriously!

I went ahead and read the article you had linked to and found the following rather interesting.

The site’s name combines the words “interest” and “pin,” in reference to “pin boards,” which are also known in various creative professions as inspiration boards or mood boards — basically a large board onto which appropriated images (torn from magazines!) are juxtaposed to evoke in the viewer a certain feeling, atmosphere or mood. Once the exclusive province of advertising art directors, designers and teenage girls in boarding-school dormitories, mood boards and their electronic equivalents have exploded online.

Perhaps something pinteresty in the area of computational creativity is also warranted?


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  1. […] of the morning to you Señor László Cseh.  It sounds like you built up a lot of social capital in Bangalore, Delhi, Amarnath, and Aligarh.  I did go […]

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