Business Made Social

March 3, 2012

You’re welcome Señor Satnam Singh Bhamara.  That potato episode’s premise is quite interesting.  Another episode, The Gold Job, features Hardison taking the lead and applying gamification to the con.

Gamification was one of the themes of the demonstrations in the Innovation Lab at Lotusphere 2012.  (As part of the Innovation Lab, I presented a demonstration called SellerScope: Interactive Prescriptive Salesforce Analytics, that was put together in conjunction with Moninder Singh and Jamie Rasmussen.)  The idea of gamification is to make tasks for employees less like work and more like an adventure in which you earn points along the way.  Competitive juices are a good motivator, so why not harness them for productive work? 

The convention as a whole was a new experience for me.  There were more than 7000 participants and the opening session had a rock band play followed by having Michael J. Fox speak.  One of the evening events was at Sea World, which had been completely rented out for Lotusphere. 

From what I understood, once IBM puts its stamp on social technologies (blogs, wikis, twitter, facebook, linkedin, flickr, youtube, pinterest, and everything else along those lines), large corporations feel a sense of reassurance that yes, now we can adopt these technologies for internal use.  Now that IBM is doing so through its Lotus Connections product line, lots of businesses are on their way to becoming social businesses in 2012, making this the “year of social business.”  IBM’s role in this is giving out security blankets

The other point that seemed to come across to me was that advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics are not yet part of social business offerings.  This jives with what Brenda said yesterday at her farewell event, that IBM should and needs to dominate in analytics.  It will be through analytics that IBM’s social business products will differentiate themselves and move beyond their current security blanket status.

I seem to recall that in addition to the signal processing homework problem related to This is Spinal Tap that you mentioned, there was also one called “sampling for fun and profit.”  Coming back to your point about having or not having something to say, the actual social societal world and the social business world are different.  At the end of the day in the business world, the only thing that matters is profit.  In the societal world, life is for fun and profit and lots of other things.  In social business, the conversations, collaboration, etc. matter if they lead to monetary profit somehow, which is quite different than in the global village that we call home. Business is business and life is life; the technologies being developed for both are similar, but their objectives are fundamentally different.  Enough pontification from me as well. 

Time for the curtain call of the Scoop and Kris Show in Syracuse.


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