Smarter Cities Challenge Syracuse Interviews

December 12, 2011

This time we have not just one interviewee, but several.  The interviews have full audio and video.  They were not conducted by Lav and me, but by the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, and feature Lav as one of the interviewees.

Two blog posts about the challenge that also embed these interviews are here and here.


  1. I am more of a lurker than a commenter on your blog. But I just saw this! Good stuff! Congratulations!

    PS: I find the header image of your blog very fascinating!

    • Shubhendu, we are happy to have you participate in the blog. The image at the top has the horsehead nebula in the background and the Ashvins in the foreground.

      • Oh yes! That’s precisely why I find it fascinating. Makes a good combination, also given my impression that the “ashvini-kumar” image refers to the (I assume) brother who author this page? I might be off.

      • You’re not off.

  2. […] you can guess, the Syracuse data was gathered from my service on an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team, by digging through some old servers held by a not-for-profit partner of the City of Syracuse. […]

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