An Operations Research Tragedy

December 9, 2011

Hallo Señor Royal-Dominique Fennell.  Take a look at this film composed of several concepts in operations research and the management sciences, cross-posted from Palam to Idlewild:

The concepts we included were supply chain management, queuing theory, marketing, and risk analysis.  One other segment could have been on scheduling in which the hero is not able to have a job interview due to scheduling issues.  Also, we could have done health care analytics as a follow-on segment in which the hero recovers and gets back on top. 

YouTube is one of the tools of social business, especially for marketing.  Producing content specifically for YouTube and the web as opposed to just uploading existing physical-world content makes a difference in popularity:

Khan said that his videos and those on OCW have fundamentally different approaches, which may explain Khan Academy’s popularity. OCW lectures by MIT professors can be over an hour long and hit on many different topics. Khan’s videos are short — 10 to 15 minutes — and focus on very particular concepts.

“I think having that 10 minute video of someone walking through [a concept] conversationally, and they know you’re viewing this on the internet, I think those things could be pretty powerful,” said Khan.

You’ll notice that he highlighted the conversational aspect of his videos.  Although an old-school piece of web content, the Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics, wasn’t necessarily conversational, it did have something to distinguish it from regular non-web content.  Do you think clay animation + true accurate descriptions of technical concepts could be useful to people and become popular?


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