Content, Curation, Marketing

June 24, 2011

How are things going Señor Jeje Lalpekhlua?  As you’ve noticed, I recently decided that I would actively add connections in LinkedIn, and have added quite a few people the last couple of weeks.  In going through Pawan Deshpande’s profile, I updated myself on what he’s been up to.  His company, HiveFire, is all about content curation, especially in the B2B marketing context.  The term B2B refers to a business selling a product to other businesses, as opposed to B2C in which a business sells to consumers.  We’ve been going back and forth about content creation and curation, so I thought that was interesting. 

I actually used the term B2B in a phone call yesterday, pointing out that most of the use cases currently in the works for Cognos Consumer Insight are B2C rather than B2B.  (I’m starting to talk like a bidnessman.)  This makes sense since the middle word is consumer.  Building upon what you said about dissociation, I think another thing that is being dissociated is social media content from the humans that produce it.  The idea behind consumer insight from social media is to look at trends in the words people are blogging/tweeting/commenting/posting, where almost like it doesn’t matter which forest the wood is coming from, it doesn’t matter which individual the words are coming from.

Congratulations on the Jin-Au Kong thesis award honorable mention.



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