January 18, 2011

With a title like Dimensions, you might think I would want to talk about 3D television or perhaps about color spaces and metamers.  Maybe about that romance of many dimensions, Flatland, or how multitaskers believe they’re getting more done, but instead they’re just getting faster and sloppier, as if exceeding channel capacity.  Or if you thought I was in a mathematical mood, you might expect some discussion about high-dimensional concentration in geometry and in probability.  Incidentally, this Vesica Piscis business that arises in soft sphere packing, especially in high dimensions, is rather intriguing.    Apparently 7 dimensions is extremal when looking at the surface area of hyperspheres:

What I really want to talk about is your suggestion of expanding the social dimension of this blog.  I like the idea of interviews with others.  Hopefully we’ll get some informational strength of weak ties benefits by expanding beyond the two of us.  I wonder if structural holes would come into play.

I wonder how Watson would do when facing questions from you rather than from Alex Trebek (or Jimmy McGuire).

Incidentally, I also like your Bhullar campaign.  You should get the magician (or at least the sauna) behind it.  I think the brothers would almost automatically become the second and third best hindoos to ever play at Syracuse.



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  3. […] Does this sort of utility function arise in the crowdsourcing you have been studying?  Do you think that this utility model is at all related to Figure 2(A) of your neuroscience paper or to the surface area of hyperspheres that you pointed out here previously? […]

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