Listening to the Crowd

January 14, 2011

¡Olé Señor Ole Einar Bjørndalen!  It was sad to hear of the passing of Bud Greenspan, who really focused his documentaries on the individuals within the crowded milieu of the Games.

The social milieu, the crowd, the commons, the mob.  Poll the mob?  Ask the mob?  Trust the mob? Is the crowd wiser than the individual?  Is the ensemble stronger than its components?

The Gap listened to the crowd and has done amazingly well in the stock market since.

The Hindu people respect scriptures composed by a collection of Vyāsas.

As has been recently written, “The AAU circuit and high-profile recruiting landscape is littered with ‘support groups’ that are merely opportunists pushing their athletes toward the fastest-moving gravy train.”  It looks like Sim and Tanveer Bhullar may be joining that litter.  I hope they are not lead astray by an entourage with mixed up objectives.  The brothers could really provide the push needed to bring the Indian crowd into the game of basketball.  My earlier call for a large, united campaign to bring the Bhullar brothers to Syracuse could overcome a fragmented, discordant Bhullar entourage.  There’s a penalty of discord, innit?

And you’ll be talking about the penalty of discord among other things related to decision making by people, committees, and crowds next month in San Diego, innit?

It is true that this blog is written as a conversation between us, Señor Subrata Paul. but I wouldn’t interpret that conversation as only a dialogue.  I’m glad that you took the time to engage the community.  Let me suggest another direction for the blog: bringing some friends in for a conversation, interview style.  We (and anyone who later happens upon the blog) would be able to learn more about the life and times of different members of the community, to hear the stories of the individuals within the crowded milieu of the information age.



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