Bhullar Brothers, Please Come to Syracuse

December 9, 2010

Good day Señor Per-Mathias Høgmo.  After our time in the Poconos, on Tuesday I went to Armonk for a new hire orientation and then followed that up by a visit to the world’s most famous arena for some unfinished business.

One of the things covered in the orientation was the evolution of the IBM logo and the recognizability of the current eight horizontal bar version.  Apparently, IBM is the second-most recognized global brand, partly due to the logo.  My officemate Marc Millstone is a proponent of simplicity in design, and a devotee of Paul Rand, the man who designed the IBM logo.  I wonder if Taniya is a devotee as well.  A recently developed logo that was heavily panned was one for the clothing retailer Gap.  James Yu, my ECE 425 project partner, rode the wave of the backlash against Gap by creating a little web application that allows people to make their own Gap-like logo, perhaps replacing the G in Gap with other letters.  It became viral.

Some of the reasons James cites for the spread include: timeliness, importance to people, funness, and inclusion in Facebook.  Lav, we’re now living in the age of the crowd, aren’t we?  And to think, the first time I heard the word viral in a non-disease context was only six years ago.

An interesting viral phenomenon surrounds Jeremy Lin, the former Ivy League cager who has landed with the Golden State Warriors.

I think it would be interesting to start a viral campaign to bring the basketball-playing Bhullar brothers, Sim (Gursimren) and Tanveer, to the Syracuse Orange.  What would it take?  I think we’d be fine with timeliness, because Bhullar-mania is in its incipient stages.  I think we’d be fine with importance to people, because the Orange have quite a large following but even more importantly, I think the people of India are poised to become crazy for basketball and the Bhullars.  Whatever we do, we can include it on the Facebook and other social networks.  The key aspect needs to be the fun.  What could we do to make a fun viral campaign and bring about some finished business?



  1. Hi Kush and Lav! Thanks a lot for the shoutout! I did a double take as you mentioned ECE425 — it seemed like that was decades ago 🙂

    The points you mentioned are great. But I want to emphasize one thing about virality that wasn’t mentioned: the ability for people to “create” something. If a user believes that they can create something and share it, that’s really powerful, as they will be vectors to spreading your site/idea/etc.

  2. Hi James! That’s a good point about creation — definitely something to keep in mind.

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