July 16, 2010

Good day Señor K Caj Doog.  I came across another World Cup related data set via WASSUP (Weekly Announcements Serving business analytics and mathematical Sciences’ Ubiquitous Programs). This data is about passing graphs between players and implications on style and success of play. They consider certain graph functionals which I believe may have come up in your work as well. I had not seen that Freakonomics blog post, but it is interesting that someone else looked at the same data set.  Now that the data set appears in more than one blog post, does it count as a standard data set for trying various applied mathematical methods?  What are the criteria for becoming a standard or benchmark data set?  How about if I posted a mat file of the data here?


One comment

  1. Another interesting World Cup data set is this one from Google. (It was linked to by Taeg Sang Cho on Facebook.)

    This data is kind of related to some time-response signals with shared structure that I have been working with recently.

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