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Cornelliana and Sudoku

February 6, 2010

Lav, did you notice that the second day of the LIDS student conference contained lots of references to Cornell people?

  • During my talk about dimensionality reduction for margin-based classification, I included a reference to a paper by Prof. Arias who taught us Physics 214.
  • In talking about recovering low-rank matrices, Maryam Fazel referenced work by Prof. Vavasis who taught me CS 322.
  • Jonathan Yedidia talked about doing estimation using the difference-map algorithm, which was initially developed by Prof. Elser who taught us Physics 213.  Interestingly, that algorithm can be used to solve Sudoku.  In answering a question at the end, Yedidia mentioned Ice-9, a substance imagined by the Cornellian Kurt Vonnegut and featured in the best speech that I think both of us agree we have heard.